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  • "I Want To Know What Love Is" | Last night Feels Like Foreigner was performing at Crystal Bees in Southington Connecticut. The other band that was supposed to play canceled so the FLF band took over the whole night and just rocked the house. They were plain fantastic. No need for whip cream and cherry on that Sundae. That's how awesome they sounded. The staff at Crystal Bees were fantastic. The waitress in the music area was phenomenal and the gate keeper guy with the grey sweater sat mom in the VIP soft couch area. He said those were the best seats in the house. He was right. Mom is enjoying being able to get out and enjoy the world again now that she is able to walk with her new titanium bones and joints in her legs. She can't dance, jump, jog or run yet but stay tuned because its gonna happen .... HANZ (A Fan) 24Sept2022

  • Oh My God … felt like the 80’s all over again, great job! ... A. Fan

  • Harmonies for days  … Rich’s voice made me feel like I was at a Foreigner Event!  ... A. Fan

  • Fabulous band … Felt like I was listening to Foreigner!  ...  Tim Cummiskey

  • More coming soon!

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